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Watershed Cleanup a Key Theme in Governor's 2015 Inaugural

posted Jan 12, 2015, 12:24 PM by Lyn Munno
Watershed challenges and policy were front-and-center in Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin's third inaugural address delivered January 8, 2015. Shumlin praised the work of many Watersheds United Vermont members and partners. Although he spoke to legislators about the work they have cut out for them to tighten up regulations and fund new initiatives, he also acknowledge the important role of voluntary action by diverse parties in every corner of the state. Here is a brief excerpt:

Legislative action is critical. It’s critical. But you cannot go it alone. Families, business owners, local officials, anglers, farmers, community members from every corner of our state are working to find solutions to clean up our waters.

We're inspired and informed by the efforts of community groups like the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, the Lewis Creek Association, and the Franklin Watershed Committee for Lake Carmi.

You also have the support of local leaders like my friend and former seatmate, David Deen of the Connecticut River Watershed, Denise Smith, and business owners like the Tylers of Tyler Place, and Bob Beach of the Basin Harbor Club. Organizations like the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce have spoken forcefully about the need for strong action, and business community support to protect our lake.

Farmers like Tim Magnant in Franklin, and Brian Kemp in Salisbury, are showing that it’s possible to use innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to the problems of pollution on our farms. I know Tim and Brian are here today as well as Denise and Marty Illick from Lewis Creek and Alicia Sawyer from Franklin Watershed Committee. Stand up, let's give you a hand for all you're doing together.

You're getting it right. Thank you.

 Hear a recording and see a transcript, courtesy of Vermont Public Radio.